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Viche 2012 15

15, 2012

Vyshneve. Satellite town attracts investors and brings up the champions

On the 31st of August Vyshneve, which is in Kyiv region, celebrated its 125-th anniversary since the day of its foundation. On the eve of this important event our correspondent met with a city chairman Illya DIKOV.

In the first turn we tried to save the achievement of our predecessors. For example, three basic communal organizations responsible for all vital functions of the city have been formed in Vyshneve: Municipal Service Department, Vyshnevteploenergo and Vyshnevvodokanal. Due to these organizations a cleanness and order are kept in our town, but all of them need grants. Without regard to the growth of prices for fuel, gas, water, construction materials in the country, by the efforts of local self-government bodies we managed not to increase tariffs for public utilities and keep them stable till May, 2012.