Viche 2012 11

11, 2012

Leonid KRAVCHUK: The Constitution should not be euphoric

On June, 28 the Constitution of Ukraine turns sixteen years old. But will it reach its eighteens birthday? Obviously, the new convocation of the Parliament will have to improve the Basic Law.

Leonid KRAVCHUK, the head of scientific expert group on the formation of the Constitutional Assembly, the President of Ukraine (1991-1994) is convinced in it.

- Leonid Makarovych, why do you believe our Constitution should be changed again?

- For any nation there was always a problem - to organize the life so that it observed certain regulations. It is known that in nature everything is done on instinct. For example, bees so clearly organize their lives that people are sometimes surprised at them. It seems that even Marx wrote: the worst engineer is different from the best bee by that he originally builds projects in his head. So to build your life you need an action plan that meets the fundamental interests of the nation and people. You must find its place in the globalized world so that we were respected by others and nobody tried to force us to our knees. I ask myself the question whether our Constitution corresponds to this plan? No. Its rules were not written to meet the strategic interests of the society. It was made ​​... under the situation.