Viche 2012 11

11, 2012

Chicago passion. The new security tactics of NATO

Taking into consideration the chosen course of Ukraine to non-alignment and its non-participation in any military units, in theory we can assume that the relationship between official Kyiv and NATO should be minimized. However, a number of subjective / objective circumstances combined with the importance of determining the Ukrainian position in the international arena naturally found their interest in cooperation.

The XXV Anniversary NATO Summit in Chicago (20-21 of May 2012) welcomed in the declaration dated the 20th of May Ukraines readiness to continue political dialogue and cooperation and highly appreciated the contribution of our country to the operations led by the alliance, and expressed satisfaction with the performance of its obligations to get rid of stocks of highly enriched uranium that demonstrates a complete Ukraine's commitment to nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and materials from which it can be made. However, NATO has expressed concern about justice in Ukraine that was qualified as a selective, urging the state government to remove deficiencies in the judicial system and ensure free and fair parliamentary elections this autumn.