Viche 2012 11

11, 2012

Head of Luhansk regional state administration Volodymyr PRYSTYUK: Main instruments of region development are modernization, investments and innovations

Luhansk region is a region of miners and metallurgists with the developed mining, production and trading infrastructure. However, hardly anybody can remember today that exactly here Dmytro Mendeleyev - a glorious chemist and academician, Mykhaylo Kutuzov - a famous military leader, Oleksiy Stakhanov - a founder of the movement on the achievement of high-level work efficiency and miner, Volodymyr Lyakhov and Heorhiy Shonin the cosmonauts, Oleh Koshoviy, Lyubov Shevtsova, Ulyana Hromova the heros of Moloda Hvardiya, Sehiy Bubka, Olha and Viktor Bryzhiny, Ihor Korobchynskyi, Anatoliy Chukanov the Olympic champions and many others found their fate there and became patriots of their glorious region.

Head of Luhansk regional state administration Volodymyr Prystyuk tells about glorious past and economic achievements of the region in the interview with our correspondent.