Viche 2012 11

11, 2012

Athletes of Spartacus club

Recently in Ukraine the complaints about the deteriorating health of the nation has increased, and, as a result, statistics shows a gradual decrease in the Olympic reserve. It is not surprising. However, to achieve high results and to support the image-level of the country in the international arena, of course, there is a need in a fresh and healthy force. But where can it be taken?

When this issue of the magazine was made up, it was reported that at the World Cup in power lifting (Federation WPA) in Lutsk the first team place was won by the representatives of the Spartacus club! Also for the first time in the history of South Palmyra at the same time nine athletes from one club became champions of the world! They are Mykael Oganesyan, Michael Kozelchuk, Dmytro Putin, Gennadiy Kuzmenko, Volodymyr Uhach, Yuriy Spynov, Yevhen Khokhlov, Volodymyr Makovetskyi, and Volodymyr Lizunchyk. Among the winners of the competition players of Spartacus were Kostyantyn Vyshnevskiy and Ihor Mazur. We sincerely congratulate the heroes of Spartacus club with their confident victory!