Журнал Viche 2012 №11

№11, 2012

Artistic science of sleep

The first Kiev International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012 is in midstream. This hyper project (100 artists, 250 works, 30 countries, and 24 thousand square meters of exhibition space) will rejoice the audience imagination till the end of July.

At the entrance to the exhibition of mysterious mazes of Art Arsenal cordially shakes its petals familiar golden lotus of Korean Choi Jong Hwa. Ten meters flower moved in Arsenal court after being demonstrated in April in the Independence Square.

Petals in monotonically movement are like the blade that knocks life in viscous dough images and the concentrate entities. This thick mixture is the eternal basis for tricks of the subconscious artist. In order to present their wide range huge exposure like ARSENALE 2012 born on the planet – a younger sister of prestigious international biennials.