Журнал Viche 2012 №10

№10, 2012

Theory, facts and logic of superstate structures in the globalized world *

*Monograph review: Shpakovych O.M. Influence of international acts on internal law enforcement of the sate-members issued by the international organizations: theory and practice. – K., 2011.

The world processes of integration and globalization of societies result in the growths of influence of the international organizations in the relations of the states in the forms of collaboration and multilateral diplomacy.

Let’s take UNO, NATO, CIS, CE, EU and EFTA as examples. These and other international organizations are important in the world and get involved in all spheres of social and political life. Any big problem of any country can not be settled without their participation. Therefore, the relevance of the monographic research done by Olga Shpakovych is indisputable.

Vsevolod MYTSYK