Viche 2012 10

10, 2012

To comprehend the components of the social success*

*Book review: Sosnin O., Voronkova V., Azhahza M. Investments in human development under the conditions of global transformation. L.: Mahnoliya 2006.
The study guide Investments in human development under the conditions of global transformation has been published. Its publication is, for sure, an important event in the domestic social and humanitarian science, and state administration. In fact everywhere the conceptions of human development are the fundamental components of the administrative paradigms and one of basic methods of achievement of social success.
The authors managed to interpenetrate the difficult and contradictory processes of investing in human development, which in the study guide is interpreted as a continuous expansion of human possibilities in the context of public progress. The study guide induces to comprehend at the level of modern philosophical knowledge the issues of the day of organization of education, necessity in understanding a new vision of tasks in relation to the terms of increase of human competitiveness and social and economic efficiency in Ukraine.

Volodymyr LUHOVYI