Viche 2012 9

9, 2012

Nobody knows how this code will work. How can the psychology of people be changed within half a year?

In the interview with Viche the Chairman of the Committee on the questions of Legislative Provision of Law-enforcement Activity Viktor SHVETS marked: the Criminal Code of Practice can not be successfully realized in the way it was planned by its authors. The national deputy does not share the optimism regarding the progressiveness of some positions of the code. Read farther about the reasons for such conclusion of Viktor Shvets.

What indexes do you take into account while estimating the efficiency of the code? For example, do you take into account the increasing of the verdicts of not guilty or decreasing of the amount of prisoners? At the committee hearings an idea was heard that new CCP will work only if those, who will apply him, will not be afraid of statistics, chiefs, possibility of pronouncement of the verdicts not guilty.

The unique criterion of efficiency is an estimation of citizens. Once people feel that criminal realization is carried out on the principles of supremacy of law, legality, equality of participants of realization, providing of principle of contentiousness. Unfortunately, it will not happen. Not because the code is bad, but because nobody is going to execute it. Im convinced: practice of the law enforcement of the new Criminal Code of Practice will confirm my words, because they are based on my experience. For thirty years I have been involved in the  law-enforcement activity, worked as a lawyer, leader of the union of lawyers, public prosecutor, I know these issues not at theoretical but at practical levels.