Журнал Viche 2012 №9

№9, 2012

Person and society: when a blind shows a way to a blind...

The humanity, having been brought up during over 400 years by western according to its origin values and institutes, is presently in the state of the deepest ecological, economic, cultural and moral crisis.

For the last 10 years over 700 thousand people perished in the result of 14 thousand natural catastrophes, which is equal, for example, to the amount of population of Amsterdam. The experts of the UNO assert unanimously that the main source of these natural calamities is a man with his contemptuous, cruel and utilitarian attitude toward nature.

The society itself has a fever. Values of Christianity, which are in the basis of the western civilization, are presently perceived by the greater part of the humanity humiliated by this civilization as an advertising prospectus. And how it can be different, if, according to the last reports made by UNICEF, quarter of the population of the planet lives in beggary and under terrible conditions. 1 milliard 300 million people exist (exactly exist!) on 1 dollar a day, 3 milliard people have 2 dollars a day. 1 milliard 300 million people can not keep up with even elementary human needs in clean water, 2 milliard 600 millions are deprived of any medical care.