Журнал Viche 2012 №9

№9, 2012

To sell? To give in rent? To farm?

Formation of a full-fledged land market of the agricultural purpose is one of urgent problems of the land reform in Ukraine which affects the interests of the whole society and will have the influence on its future. According to the current legislation, the citizens of Ukraine can without restraint buy and sell only the backyard land for gardening, summer residence and garage building. A moratorium was imposed on the cession of land of the agricultural purpose in our state, in accordance with the Land Code of Ukraine. And it means that the prohibition on a purchase-sale or cession in other ways of land plots, change of land plots of a special purpose (use) which are owned by citizens and legal entities for the conduct of the commercial agricultural production, and also on the land plots allocated (locally) for the owners of the land plots (shares) for the conduct of the private agricultural economy exists.