Viche 2012 8

8, 2012

Current directions of reforming the Constitution of Ukraine in the context of the political challenges of our time

President of Ukraine Decree on the procedure of formation and organization of the Constitutional Assembly on January 25, 2012 [3] once again enhanced a public dialogue on how to improve the Basic Law. Actually the issue of optimization of national constitutional and legal framework is constantly present in the national information space and the discourse of the political process. In particular, in the annual message of the head of the state in 2011, constitutional reform is seen as a major factor in the modernization of the state. Lets notice that the imperfection of the Basic Law creates significant barriers to the implementation of the necessary reforms, the country's adaptation to the challenges of the post-crisis world, undermines public confidence in the state institutions and evens the significance of state sovereignty[9, p 16].

Valeriy KOLYUH