Viche 2012 6

6, 2012

Regarding the essence of corruption and anti-corruption expertise

Discussing the range of problems of the essence of corruption and its reason, research workers and patricians try to outline accurately the ways of fight against this phenomenon. Therefore, we consider that the thing of current importance in this context is carrying out of anticorruption examinations as a basic form of the use of the special knowledge during the investigation of official crimes.
The task of current importance for Ukraine now is a fight against corruption. Criminality and corruption have penetrated to almost all spheres of economic and public life of the state. The annual rating made by organization Transparency International has been recently published. It shows the corruption level of the world countries. According to this rating, Ukraine occupies the 122-th place (grade 2.2). That is, it has the same grade as Bolivia, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Nigeria and Sudan. Corruption during the implementation of big state projects is both a serious obstacle to the steady development and a reason for a considerable loss of budgetary funds [1, p. 23]. Part of criminal schemes of commission of crimes in the economic sphere is a national acquisition, and the majority has been borrowed.