Журнал Viche 2012 №5

№5, 2012

The transition into to a new model of criminal process is much more complicated than, for example, changing the right-hand motor movement in to a left-hand

To eliminate all discussion points at the finish and get a document “which can be proud of” - is an ambitious task that set itself the Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement, under the consideration of which there is a new draft Code of Criminal Procedure. Preparing legislation for the second reading the committee held a meeting of the working group on revision of the CPC, as well as meeting with delegation of experts from the Council of Europe. In addition, the Committee initiated hearings of famous scientists, representatives of judicial and police systems, advocacy and international organizations thoroughly analyzed all the stories of the document and expressed a number of important recommendations. However, will they be taken into account in the Code decide the members of assembly hall.