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Viche 2012 5

5, 2012

Growth of significance of bodies of local self-government is a way to Europe, way to the real democracy, - the chairman of Odesa Regional Council Mykola PUNDYK asserts

The president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych marked several times that in order to decentralize the power the significance of local self-government has to be increased and the administrative-territorial reform has to be carried out.
Being a representative of local self-government, I can sincerely say that we have some village councils which exist for unknown reasons. Im sure that village chairmen who work there do not understood this either, do not understand their role and mission.
And, in actual fact, the question is about serious budgetary funds.
We need to change the administrative system as well. It should not be done with revolutionary raids, however.
In order not to make a real mess of things, materials and offers have to be collected, great analytical work has to be carried out. Otherwise, it will be guerrilla warfare in its most whimsical way.