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Viche 2012 №5

№5, 2012

Where the mountains, cottages and a first flowers of Corydalis

Kyyanivskyy lane is hid under modern facilities in the metropolitan area of Lviv. He is short and narrow, firmly pledged with arrogant cars, goes away from civilization in poetic lowlands. If you go further, past acacia and metal garages you can reach a microns underpass - almost instant mysterious transition from today's urbanized Great Zhitomir Street to the amazing hills of a distant past and at the same time –from a darkened island city of winter in the young, naive yet Kiyv’s spring. Its seductive kingdom dominates on the mountain Dytynka where in the middle of the third century BC, were smashed beads of fortified settlement of Zarubyntsi-Korchuvatska culture. Here (hill is also called Kiyanka) March is already in schoolboy way of inspiration, though still timid enlightens a vague strands and adds green colors in dove-colored bagging slopes dotted with a last year's dry weeds.