Viche 2012 4

4, 2012

Strategic formation of state road-safety policy: from the reasons to particular measures

Donetsk Legal Institute of the MIA of Ukraine conducted 12 scientific and practical conferences, round tables, etc. in relation to the road-safety problems, in particular, 6 of them were of the international level. Research workers of the institute prepared and published 18 scientific and 20 educational editions devoted to this subject.

Road-safety has become one of the most important social and economic problems of our time. Road-traffic accidents are daily registered on the Ukrainian motorways, in the result of which people perish and get injured (on the average - 150 people per day). The economy of the country is damaged greatly. Domestic experts estimate annual losses in the result of road-traffic accidents in the amount of 16 milliard hryvnyas, and if to apply widespread foreign methods, they will make 1012 milliard USD dollars [2, p. 3].