Viche 2012 3

3, 2012

Kyiv Planetarium: full face and profile

This is the most romantic building of Ukraines capital. Its a fabulous place where above the head a clear sky is thickly studded with bright stars, where everything is permeated with unique and alluring glow. The universe seems to have come down to the land and filled the surroundings with the music of high spheres. They are here and almost attainable, but as always changing, mysterious, bringing thoughts of the moment and eternity, good and evil, right and wrong. And now the Star Hall is revealing to visitors more and more mysteries of the boundless space, as if it becomes its part. Alive, spiritualized, gorgeous. That's the point of view of the Head of the Kyiv planetarium - the world-famous astronomer, discoverer of two comets and many asteroids, the author or co-author of their names, corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine Klym CHURYUMOV (was born February 19, 1937 in Nikolayev).