Журнал Viche 2012 №3

№3, 2012

Election euphoria. Will the world vote for changes?

If the year 2011 was marked by the revolutionary events, the year 2012 has to become a real year of the election campaigns, voting and electoral disputes. Loosened by social protests of a new type, by wars and economic crisis, the global stability will be under attack of almost simultaneous change of power in the major world countries (or, conversely, will benefit from it). After all, both the global balance of power and how life of every person will be changed anywhere in the world will depend on who will be the head of these states. Although the elections will be held in nearly 60 countries and regions the main intrigue is who will be chosen for the highest office in four states - permanent members of the Security Council – the UN - U.S., Russia, France and China, which are claiming the key role in the world politics and have the greatest impact on fluctuations in the existing system of international relations.