Viche 2012 3

3, 2012

Chief of the General Staff - Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel-General Hryhoriy PEDCHENKO: Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to perform their constitutional tasks

- During 20 years of independence a significant work has been made in relation to the equipment of the Armed Forces with new and modernized weapons and military equipment. More than 180 new samples were created and adopted for service, the main ones of them were corvette Ternopil, combat training and combat aircraft like MiG-29, Su-25, L-39, tanks BM Bulat, BM and BM Oplot, portable anti-tank system Stuhna-P, radars of various types, complex simulator for pilot of MiG-29 aircraft and tank T-64, training facility for MI-8 helicopter, boats and bumboats, cars, multi-purpose cars of various types, cars KrAZ for different terrain, etc. All these and many other samples adopted for service and military equipment were put into production. The volume of supplies depends on the needs of the Armed Forces and the size of budget financing.