Журнал Viche 2012 №3

№3, 2012

National agrarian science: from Vernadskyi to Paton

In February it will be 50 years since academician Borys Paton was elected to be the president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Without any overstatement, this unique date became a reason for new publications about his way in the science and present many-sided activity. Usually this refers to the achievements and merits of Borys Yevhenovych as a leading scientist in the industry of electric welding and unsurpassed organizer of science. However, there is no information about his contribution to the development of national agrarian science. However, as well as the first president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (NAS of Ukraine was named so at first) Volodymyr Vernadskiy, he did much for agricultural research business as well, that is why their names must be in the honored book of those scientists who played a prominent role in becoming and development of academic agrarian science in Ukraine.