Viche 2012 3

3, 2012

Land. Do we only dream about rest?

Last year at the beginning of December, and we informed our readers about this event (Viche 23/2011 and 1/2012), in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the meeting of the Advisory Council for Local Self-Government the state of preparation of project of law of Ukraine On the land market and problematic issues in relation to the differentiating of land of public and communal property were analyzed.r
In this issue Viche gives a word to some participants of the discussion of these very important for the state questions.


I hope a lot that with the adoption of the law On the land market, from one side, we will pawn economic basis for the increase of agrarian production, and from the second side, we will give a push and real possibilities for comprehensive development of rural territorial communities a cradle of the nation. And it, in its turn, is a perseverance of the national Ukrainian identity.


Our main task is to settle an issue in relation to the improvement of efficiency of the use of land and put an end to shadow transactions. Besides, legislation provisions should not ruin a village, and, vice versa, contribute to its maintenance and meet the interests of peasants. Presently governmental legislation which was taken as a basis is now being developed at the committee. In particular, we took into account that only the citizens of Ukraine can acquire the property right to land for the agricultural usage.


It is expedient to foresee legislatively the possibilities of cancelling the lease contract on the initiative of a proprietor within two months in the judicial order in case of violation of the structure of sowing areas, use of land without the projects of organization of the use of land, worsening of natural fertility by one and more points, appearance of quarantine weed plants and absence of measures directed on the fight against them. At the legislative level to set a term of one year for processing of legal documents for a land property which was received as an heritage  on the basis of a certificate on a right to the inheritance or on the basis of other civil agreements. When this term expires the land will be automatically given to the state property.

Oleksiy KAYDA

If to decide whether to sell the land and introduce its market, I think, it would be logical to ask the Ukrainian people, first, whether they want it or not. The carrying out of all Ukrainian referendum has been initiated for several times, but the Central Election Committee each time refused to register the initiative groups in charge of its organization.


Differentiating of land of state and communal property is one of foreground tasks of the land reform. Over 29 million hectares of land are subject to the differentiating in Ukraine. Decisions in relation to the carrying out of this procedure are accepted by village, settlement and city councils and local state administrations.