Viche 2012 3

3, 2012

Donetsk arena is for a real sportsman

Sixteenth birthday is a momentous event in everybodys life. And what about the life of a higher educational establishment which history is favorably endowed with the achievements and personages? The age of 16 is a remarkable time for prosperity and new prospects for the Donetsk State Institute of Health, Physical Training and Sports (DSIHPTS). It was created at the National University of Physical Training and Sports of Ukraine (NUFVSU) in obedience to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 240 from February, 22, 1996. In the world of sports the institute is known not only for Olympic winners and for the world champions but also for remarkable terms for the increase of athletic performance of young people. The whole training process is based on the newest scientific researches and modern methodical developments.