Viche 2012 3

3, 2012

Saved life is more valuable than gold!

Dear editors! This summer on my way back after the holidays at Kinburnska Spit, I, Kravchenko Olena, got in an extraordinary situation. The boat by which we sailed to Ochakiv began to drown. 20 people appeared to be in the water at a severe storm without life-jackets.
I got tired quickly and began to think about the worst. At that moment a young man swam up to me, took me by the arm and together with me swam to the boat which partly came up from the water. Afterwards it turned out that I was rescued by a senior lieutenant Oleksandr Havryshuk (in the photo), military serviceman of air-defense and rocket brigades of Anti-Aircraft Warfare South of the armed Forces of Ukraine. I kindly ask you to thank my rescuer for his heroic act. If such brave and decent people serve in our Armed Forces, there are still people who can protect us.