Viche 2012 2

2, 2012

The contribution of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to the study of the provisions of Treaties and Orders of Pylyp Orlyk dated 1710

In historical and legal literature Treaties and orders ... of Pylyp Orlyk dated 1710 is often presented in an abridged version under the title of the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, or Benderska Constitution of 1710. This document, in our opinion, is a prominent memorial of the political and legal thought of the Cossack-Hetman period. Now the study of its contents deserves a special attention.
A number of factors prompts to it: Ukraine is an independent state which promotes the study of comprehensive aspects of the history of state formation and lawmaking in Ukraine, its political and legal opinion at various stages of development of the Ukrainian society; ambiguity of attitude to the Constitution of certain politicians and scholars of different political orientation, the emergence in 2010 of a new archival documents and materials, including original and copies of the Constitution written in Old Ukrainian language.
These and other factors require a new in-depth study and understanding of the content of the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk.