Журнал Viche 2012 №2

№2, 2012

Culture and cultural rights and constitutional freedoms of a man and citizen: key aspects of interaction

Essential prerequisite for the formation of constitutional state is a relatively high general culture of the society. Sufficient culture of the population requires a developed education system and upbringing, social and medical welfare, free development of science and art, artistic creativity, mutual respect for people, intelligence, integrity, compassion, honesty, opportunities for all-round development of personality and, above all, of spiritual world. Recovery and development of culture is a core of civilized society, a prerequisite for the formation of a democratic state of law in Ukraine [14, p. 44]. This is because of the culture that creates a lifestyle, a way of behavior, creates democratic and humanistic ideals of an independent state. Without cultural rights the state can be neither independent nor democratic. Spiritually poor people will never make Ukraine rich and happy. Economics, politics and culture are three main branches, without simultaneous modernization of which the society cannot be successfully developed [5, p. 13].