Журнал Viche 2012 №2

№2, 2012

Unitarianism as a basic value of the constitutional order of Ukraine

Unitarianism is one of two forms of government order, an element that reflects the way of administrative-territorial organization of the state, its division into components and distribution of power between these units and inside the state. Currently a unitary form of territorial and political organization is inherent to 170 states (among more than 220). This diversity and variety of forms of territorial unitary polity necessitates the structuring of scientific knowledge about them. The question of unitary form of government has repeatedly been a subject of well-known foreign and domestic scientists. General theoretical researches of V.M. Bahlay, V.V. Kravchenko, A.M. Kolodiy, I. Leybo, V.F. Pohorilko, V.L. Fedorenko, A.F. Frytskiy, V.M. Shapovalov and others are of a great scientific value and deserve recognition.