Viche 2012 1

1, 2012

They know what they say!

Forecast of social and economic development of the state and political processes expected in Ukraine in 2012 are given by the national deputies of Ukraine on the request of magazine Viche.

Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada
Yuriy MIROSHNYCHENKO (Party of Regions faction):

In the New Year we expect a lot of important events to happen of both international -Euro-2012, and state significance - elections to the Verkhovna Rada. These are serious challenges for Ukraine. The international image of our state will depend on whether we will be able to cope with them properly. According to the result of these events we will judge to which extent we are ready to enter the European community. But I believe we will manage!

Kateryna VASHCHUK (Lytvyns Block faction):

 2012 will not be simple for the Verkhovna Rada because it will be a year of parliamentary elections, and this will definitely affect  the mood in the session hall. Contradictions will become sharp, the opposition will function actively and, certainly, even neutral bills will be used in pre-election battles. The year 2012 will be tense, but quite productive, however, because the majority exists in the parliament.

Oleg ZARUBINSKYI (Folk Party faction):

Most political forces examine their public activity through the prism of hustings. It has not started yet, but in actual fact everything is subordinated exactly to it. Therefore the year will be full of traditional aspiration: for one to remain at power, for others to take the power back.

Yuriy BUT (Party of Regions faction):

There is no sense to keep hoping for the best. In 2012 the people of Ukraine have to think and take the volitional step forward. This is a year of fight for the land. One needs to think not only about elections but also about strategic issues. It is not possible to let the land become a commodity! This will be a serious challenge for the citizens of Ukraine. Say, the project of the law on the market of land (which we already accepted in the first reading) is a strategic point for Ukraine.

Ivan KYRYLENKO (BYT faction):

For the last year thirty milliard of dollars have been sent to the offshore areas. What investor will come when own funds are leaving abroad? No structural changes have taken place in the economy. What is being destroyed now is being redistributed at the same time. I think it was not worth affecting the pension provision as this reform is too painfully for people. Many of them will not live up to the retirement age. It was not worth affecting small and middle business which has not kneeled up yet, and has only barely started to stand on its own feet. It was not worth affecting social security beneficiaries.

Ivan ZAYETS (Our Ukraine National Self-Defence faction):

Today we are in such point of bifurcation when a new generation of politicians appears. A lot of windows are being opened. But for a very short interval of time. And the wisdom of a politician is to catch this moment, not to miss it. It should be done like it happened on the 24th of Augusts 1991: then the window of possibilities was also open for a very short period of time. And we did not miss it then.