Viche 2006 13

13, 2006

Do not touch my drafts!

Political mathematics under the breech-sight of ultimatum

Negotiations between BYT, NCOU and SPU were completed by signing the text under the name Agreement about the creation of coalition of democratic forces in the Verkhovna Rada of V convocation. This document contains three chapters and XII parts. It can become a quit possible background of a budget process. For this reason, touching upon the socio-economic questions, the editorial staff calls readers attention to the clauses of the coalition agreement, inasmuch as this agreement will be the background of work of the Verkhovna Rada and the organs of executive power formed by legislators (at least it is planned so).

Rather prosaic but by no means the last question of the agreement is the method of distributing of offices in the leading organs of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers. So that is the quintessence of a political opus:
The action program is announced, the only one thing left is to fulfill it.
However the orange camp didnt take into consideration that the rivals can compose the political texts too. On June, 26 the Regions Party represented its answer to Chemberlen, that is The ultimatum of the Political board of the Regions Party. The main point of the document is revealed by such three basic points of requests:
1) the election of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada in the framework of the Regulations and the Constitution that supposes the secret vote and excludes any group voting.
2) the distribution of parliamentary committees according to the obligatory adherence to the principle of proportion of representative office of all deputy factions; governing of all main parliamentary committees and controlling units as, for example, the Account chamber, participation in the management of regions;
3) introduction the motions and the appointment of the Prime Minister according to the Constitution of Ukraine.
Nobody could doubt that the authors would trouble about their beloved child. Consequently the work of the Verkhovna Rada is blocked up.
We will give the floor not only to the documents but also to their creators.

Photo: The president of Ukraine conducted the meetings with the leaders of parliamentary factions - coalition participants: Yulia Tymoshenko (BYT), Roman Bezsmertnyi (Our Ukraine) and Oleksandr Moroz (the Socialistic party of Ukraine), and also with Victor Yanukovych (the Regions Party) and Petro Symonenko (the Communist party of Ukraine). Addressing to them, the country's leader underlined the necessity of structural dialog and achievement of understanding between political forces in order to remove tension in the parliament and make theVerkhovna Rada capable of working.
Kyiv. July, 4, 2006