Viche 2012 1

1, 2012

Lets take the lead!

The Ukrainian state is located in the complicated but critically important geopolitical space of Eurasia and its fundamental descriptions are intermediate geographical position and neighbourhood with a few formations of a completely different civilization, political and ideological direction. No matter how common and exhausted in theory this fact would seem, exactly it forms the system of relations between Kyiv and the world countries, and also with the European Union, the OSCE, the NATO, the CIS and a number of other multi-state institutions. But, unfortunately, the document which would define the mechanisms of external relations of Ukraine for at least medium-term prospect has not been approved yet. The Strategy of national security of Ukraine, which was so actively discussed in 2011, has to function smoothly and be adopted together with the foreign policy (international) strategy of the state peculiar system of conceptual approaches which determine vitally important national interests and facilities of their provision by means of cooperation with the world.

Analytical lecture Conceptual principles of foreign police strategy of Ukraine, which is a kind of basis for a modern strategic vision of foreign policy of our state, was presented at the National Institute of Strategic Researches (NISR) which is under the jurisdiction of the President of Ukraine on the 29th of November 2011. Its authors (adviser to the management of the NISR Borys Parakhonskiy and main research worker of the department of global studies and security strategies of the NISR Halyna Yavorska) tried to define key priorities for the realization of the Ukrainian foreign policy, which are the most significant from the view of forging of mutually beneficial relations.