Журнал Viche 2012 №1

№1, 2012

Ella LIBANOVA: “Is low birth rate a feature of crisis? Against categorically!”

We all anyway think with stereotypes. We think that people in the richest countries live longer. But it appears that it is so in the countries where the standards of healthy way of life are popular at most. We think that the birth rate has become lower in our country because Ukrainians began to live worse if to take financial situation into account. In actual fact, what is said above is in no way main reason for demographic crisis. We are proud of our hospitality and ability to keep an open table, but in practice we are not ready to the civilized coexistence with other people. All this is in the conversation between the correspondent of “Viche” and the director of M.V. Ptukha Institute of Demography and Social Researches of the NASU, academician of the NASU Ella LIBANOVA.