Журнал Viche 2012 №1

№1, 2012

One-eyed Wenlock and Mandeville in helmets will become talismans for someone

Three Olympiads are waiting for our sportsmen

In the world of sports the year 2012 promises to be a stirring time. This year was declared in our state as a Year of sports and healthy way of life. Moreover, this year there will be at once three Olympic Games – XXX summer Olympiad in London (July, 27 – August, 12), winter youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck (January, 13–22) and summer Paralympic Games (August, 29 – September, 9) which will be hosted by the capital of Great Britain as well. And for our state the year 2012 will be an anniversary: Ukrainians will celebrate the 60-th anniversary of participating of nation sportsmen in the Olympic Games.