Viche 2012 1

1, 2012

It is (un)frightful to live!

We have to be grateful to the society of overproduce for that we live in the mode of films-catastrophes. In that fat America to hide from the bothering stability in alarmist prophecies is the most optimum output. On the territory of the post Soviet Union frightening oneself with the terrible tomorrow is an entertainment for electorate. Poor citizens converted the expectation of apocalypse into the sports, a kind of relay race: regular version of planetary final is taken up and shared with a neighbour. On the imperious Olimpia this innocent occupation of bottoms is silently encouraged. All the same it distracts from the gloomy reflections about social hardships. And the gloominess of existence meantime has something in common with Camus: Do not expect doomsday. It happens every day.