Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

The main danger - is instability of governmental-parliamentary coalition

How can this instability appear?It can appear because of drawbacks (and here I agree withYevhen Kushnar'ov), which are inherited through a political culture, because the demarcational line between a former regime, or, let's say, between the pre-"pomorancheviy" (orange) regime and the present regime is not made.And because of the inherited political culture of elites of that period and because of "corporate", "clan"( I agree here), "oligarchical" and other interests.Is it possible to say that they have disappeared?No, they exist today and they are in the parliament.The matter doesn’t concern a narrow party membership but the clan, oligarchial, corporate and personel interests extremely influential, from the point of view of the capitals and the abilities to have an influence on the political processes, people. It remains the same for today.And the only possible danger for the so-called "pomarancheva" coalition is just this inertia and a real daily routine.Therefore the government's stability (and the problem of stability is immensely important today) depends exactly from the firm backing of this parliamentary majority.

The Word of the President of Ukraine
What do we have today when since the beginning of 2005 the Constitution of Ukraine has obtained an appropriate authority? I assert : I have never resorted and will never resort to personal

Volodymyr Polokhalo