Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

Illusions or reforms?

The dilemma, what model, idea to place in the basis of the Ukrainian state formation - liberally-democratic or national-democratic, came to the discussion of pseudo-democratic, copied from other social principles.It is considered a good form to begin the state development with discussion of problems of the open civil society formation and attempts to integrate into the outward things.We can also add to it the all-educational processes of democratization and also the processes related with reorganization and globalization.
The whole 15-year period after the proclamation of Ukraine (for many times: on January 22, 1918 - for the first time, on June, 30, 1941 - for the second time and on August 24, 1991 - for the third time) as the independent state is imbued with a versatile courses of place definition for new country.Some consider temporary phenomenon, a certain historical nonsense the fact that Ukraine strives to come out of the Russian's influence.Some part of anti-Ukrainian politicians live on such illusions.Others in the west didn't expect such challenges from Ukraine, didn't expect its appearance to world of God and they are not ready to accept us, to perceive us as we are.

Permanent changes of the governments and priorities do not give an opportunity to carry out the full-fledged reforms. Such practice of "state making" will destabilize the situation in regions in any opinion.It is not precisely determined who the head of the regional state administration is - the representative of the center at the local level or the representative of interests of the local communities in the center? This question is also addressed to the heads of structures, including the finance-economic block.

The ambiguity of functions, duality of thinking and a corresponding acceptance of administrative decisions have a negative influence on practice of formation of a civil society and development of the Ukrainian state.