Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

Experts - about the "gas factor", and the "small Ukrainians" - about the price noose

Who is wealthy among us

It was proclaimed that those who spend more than 550 cubic metres of gas henceforth will pay 960 hryvnas per thousand cubes.The tariff for those who use from 350 to 550 cubic metres, - 510 hryvnas.And finally those users who consume less than 350 cubes per month will pay according to an "old" price (according to the state on May, 1 the price - 22 coins per a cubic metre under the presence of counter and 24 coins- for its absence).

And after 60 days

As since July 1 the gas price for population has increased for 85%.We remind that it has increased for 25 % since May 1.
Under the presence of counter the price of 1 thousand of cubic metres of gas - 407 hryvnas, 444 - for its absence.
Also since July 1 the boundary level of wholesale gas price for enterprises -gas suppliers for population has been raised for 80% : from 231 hryvnas to 414 hryvnas per 1 thousand cubic metres.But will they pay?
Today according to the official information 58% of population have lower revenues per one member of family than subsistence wage (475.16 hryvnas), and 28.7 % of all population of Ukraine is recognized poor.The salary of 2.8 million working people doesn't reach the subsistence wage.Can it be evidence of unavailability of the majority of population for a new tariffs?The overall debts of an old tariffs is 6.5 billion hryvnas, 2.6 out of them - for electric power.

Turkmenbashi dictates the price

The Ukraine's depts to Turkmanistan in sum of 64 million dollars for the delivered natural gas before 2006 will be liquidated before September-October by pipe of large diametr and other equipment.
Turkmanistan offered our country oil at the price 100 dollars per 1 thousand cubic metres.Ukraine's position: to purchase 10-11 billion cubic metres at price 60 dollars per thousand cubic metres agreeably to the contract signed in December 2005 (in 2006 the supply of 40 billion cubic metres at this price was planned), and in 2007 to proceed with negotiations about the supply size and its price.
When we listen to the new estimates and forecasts, promises and relations from "oil front" we still have feeling that we missed something, didn't hear and so don't understand and don't know what to expect tomorrow.