Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

Will turnip oil satisfy the diesel hunger?

The agrarian sphere has all to grow up a raw material (turnip) and to produce a biofuel from it. Though in the quantity necessary for agriculture.

For one region of Ukraine an overall quantity of expenditure in case of building of one plant with output of 100 000 tons of biofuel per a year, elevator complexes with an overall capacity 350 000 tons, creating of agricultural and technical coplexes for turnip raising on the area of 100 000 hectares is about 170 million euro.This figure is expressive.It is hard to foresee how much the biodiesel production will justify money invested by the state.The development program is unlikely to foresee a force-majeures: unfavourable weather conditions or the absence of the fuel during the gathering of cultivated harvest.After all - turnip is an unpretentious plant, but the delay with gathering at least for one day threatens with the loss of all harvest.

Kateryna KOROL'