Viche 2006 13

13, 2006

We hope parliament is not indifferent about safety on the road

On July,3, 1936 the Board of National Commissars of the Union of the SSR accepted the decision concerning the establishment of the State Car inspection in the system of the SCIA (the Special Committee of Inner Affairs). During 70 years that since then have passed the service of the SCI (the State Car Inspection) have gone through a difficult way of development and formation. By the time of a breakdown of the soviet empire our native reformers have made a suggestion to consider the date April, 14, 1997to be the origin of history of Ukrainian SCI. Exactly that day the Cabinet of Ministers accepted the decision that declares the status of the State Car inspection of the MIA of Ukraine. And by July of the last year this service is decided to be reformed by the decree of the President of Ukraine. Under the conditions of total motorization we cant manage without clear organization of traffic, establishment of severe control after the drivers and pedestrians behavior from the direction of the corresponding service.
That is the subject of the conversation of our correspondent Victor HAY and Major-General of militia Serhiy KOLOMIYETS, the chief of the Department of the SCI of the MIA of Ukraine.

Alarming statistics of accident rate
15243 traffic accidents have been registered for the last five months, 2074 persons have perished and 17621 have been injured. Pay attention, during this period 588 traffic accidents have happened through childrens fault in Ukraine, and for all that 30 under-age people have perished and 625 have been injured. The average age of people who perish in traffic accidents is 30-35 years old.
Today every 15 minutes a traffic accident is being registered in our state, almost every two hours a child perishes under the wheels of cars. And on average during the day more than 10 persons perish in car crashes, and another 100 - are seriously injured.
A motor-car park increases: presently it consists of 9 million units.
Write down!

If you need to settle the problem questions and the questions of activity of the State Car Inspection in the Department of the SCI of the MIA of Ukraine and in all subsections at the local levels you may use the helplines that function twenty-four hours a day. The telephone number of the helpline of the Department of the SCI of the MIA of Ukraine is 272-46-59.