Журнал Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

Reforming the security areas of Ukraine as part of the overall process of system changes

Making radical changes in the security area of our state is not only an objective necessity which matured within the Ukrainian society, it is also a requirement of the European community as for " establishment of appropriate and effective security institutions that serve the security interests of the society and state, respecting human rights, acting within the law and under effective democratic control "[7, p. 22].

The structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will become a classic look as in most countries of the world: the Ukrainian army (military element of the state which consists of two species, kinds and special forces, and is appointed to perform its tasks and functions by means of violence within the irrigated area and airspace) and the Military Naval Forces (military element of the state (kind of the Armed Forces) which consists of kinds of  arms and appointed to ensure the integrity of marine and coastal areas in Ukraine by means of violence).

The remaining components of the military organizations of Ukraine are necessary to be determined, considering the needs of military security and economic opportunities of the state. First of all it concerns the internal troops of the MIA of Ukraine as the most combat-ready and organizationally approximated to the Army military way of forming.