Viche 2011 21

21, 2011

Hungry beggar militia is really dangerous for the society

Therefore it is not able to reform it itself. The participants of the parliamentary hearings On the reformation of the system of organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and introduction of the European standards were looking for the answer to the question how to change the instrumental monster to the service oriented law-enforcement department of the European standard.

Concrete suggestions which have to materialize into the concrete actions are presently needed. In particular, it is a result of recent resonance events [in Odesa - Editor], said the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr LYTVYN while opening the parliamentary hearings.

According to him, the main and determining issue in the reform of the MIA is to which extent the citizens feel protected.

Chairman of the Committee on the issues of legislative providing of law enforcement activities Viktor SHVETS.

Im convinced that majority of militia officers, without regard to the lack of financing, absence of service housing and many other problems, honestly and conscientiously perform their official duties, and we should appreciate that. However, in this hall and beyond it there is nobody who would deny the necessity in reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Viktor Shvets marked.

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights Nina KARPACHOVA

- reported that annually she receives up to 5 thousand appeals about the violation of human rights by the workers of organs of internal affairs. More frequently they are about groundless detentions, improper conducting of pre-trial investigation, use of tortures and prohibited methods of conduct of investigation by militia workers, terrible terms in special establishments.

Without regard to that the Minister in public refused from the application of index of crime detection as an estimation of efficiency of activity, it is still used in regions. It results in abuse of right on the arrest and putting people to torture for the sake of confession in crimes, Nina Karpachova reported.

Such negative phenomena as acquisition of the organized professional character by the criminality, development of shadow economy, distribution of legal nihilism influence seriously on the work of law enforcement authorities, Chairman of the Committee on the fight against organized crime and corruption Valeriy BEVZ underlined.

Member of the committee Ihor PLOKHOY who was the initiator of the discussion of the events which took place in Odesa considers that, according to the results of the special forces raid, the society and deputy corps did not receive complete and true-to-life information about what happened and why the workers of law enforcement authorities perished, and what was the purpose of conducting of one of the most expensive operations of the MIA. National deputy paid attention to that Public Relations Division of the MIA has not prepared the report regarding the special forces raid, and also stated about the isolation of journalists from the covering of this theme on television, in particular, at talk-shows.

Being a person who observed the special forces raid directly, I feel deep dissatisfaction and shame for the actions of our militia. The information provided by the MIA was not true-to-life, real doubts appeared about its correspondence to the events which took place. It became a reason for the appearance of news mongering in the society which discredit not only militia and its management but also the whole power which turned out to be unable to provide safety of the citizens, I. Plokhoy marked. In particular, he was surprised with that no instruction for the students living in the hostel of Odesa Legal Academy had been conducted. Students were standing near the windows very close to the place where special forces raid took place and capturing on video the shooting between law enforcement officers and bandits by mobile phones.

The Member of Parliament assumed also that the killer had received the information from someone from militia, and that is why, after the incident in the highway where two law enforcement officers died, he confidently drove to the center of Odesa. According to I. Plokhoy, at night from the 29-th to the 30-th of September, the military personnel was ordered to verify the documents of the driver of black desyatka.

According to people who participated directly in this operation, if the car had not stopped, it would have been necessary to pursue it and hinder its subsequent move, he said.

Oleksandr DEMSKYI, Oleksiy SYSHCHUK