Viche 2011 21

21, 2011

Following the tracks of shooting in Odesa

Our own correspondent in the South region Yevhen Tyshchuk got a task to check whether the promises made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anatoliy Mohylyov have been fulfilled. Therefore we offer to the attention of our readers the report of vlaskor

According to Tetyana Nepliy the director of private residence PRIVATE RESIDENCE where killers were taken by assault, she has been camping on the doorstep of militia and parlor of Kostutsev mayor of Odesa for already a month. The latest did not even want to meet with her and other people who bore financial losses because of the extraordinary event. According to the calculations made by T. Nepliy, her losses reach 900 thousand hryvnyas, and she now has to repair everything herself. Neighbours around had also at their own expenses to change glass units and do cosmetic repair of apartments where bullets and fragments of grenades got in. The problem with cars which were riddled by the volley of automatic gunfire has not been settled anyhow so far as well. As a result Toyota-Camry of Yan Deventeychyk turned into a real sieve, and the bullets were sent through the frontal glass, seat and device panel of Chevrolet-Cruze of Serhiy Kovalenko. Guys asked militia who would compensates a loss for them. At first they were readdressed to ...the perished killers! Afterwards at the Head Office of the MIA of Ukraine in Odesa region they were assured that the sate will make reimbursement to the car owners, but it is not clear who exactly will be responsible for it and when it will happen

Anatoliy Mohylyov reported that the law enforcement officers have collected a considerable sum of money for the militia officers who perished, and the city administration has given an apartment to the family of one of them. The wounded officers who stay at the hospital are provided with necessary medical and psychological aid. 

It corresponds to the reality. The families of perished militia officers have really received a considerable sum of money which had been gathered by law enforcement authorities, region and district authorities of Odessa region, some political parties and charitable funds. For example, Odesa city administration allotted UAH 10 thousand for people aggrieved, and regional authorities allotted UAH 50 thousand for the families of perished militia officers and UAH 25 thousand for militia officers who suffered wounds. Money was transferred to Odesa regional organization of trade union of workers of militia for further payments. According to the law of Ukraine On Militia the families of perished militia officers will receive financial aid in the amount of a 10 year salary.

 On October 6, 2011 city chairman of Odesa Oleksiy Kostusyev handed voucher for an apartment to the family (wife Hanna and two daughters) of a perished Oleksandr Rozmarytsy, employee of the State Vehicle Inspection. It is a two room apartment with an area of 74 square meters in a new house in Dobrovolskyi Boulevard. O. Kostusyev also ordered the employees of city Capital Construction Division to help a widow Hanna Rozmarytsi to prepare all documents required for the apartment.