Журнал Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

Coming from family, When will it be fashionable to have a full-featured marriage?

When a family is said to be a core of the society, maybe, it is correct from the point of responsible paternity and education of children, next generations, and future societies. The way the state perceives it, the same are its actions, its policy and practice. Unfortunately, our state reduces its activity to the correction of minimum payments pointing the figure of blame at the crisis. Human rights defenders worry about TV reality-shows.

According to the conclusions made by the experts from the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences, the special danger for Ukraine is the tendency for further prevalence of unigeniture and childlessness, incomplete families in the result of the growth of amount of divorces and cases of celibate maternity, popularity of officially not registered family relations, celibate loneliness and increase of part of single people both in late and young years because of impoverishment, absence of permanent work, accommodation, etc. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism, Pavlo KOSTENKO speaks about it.