Журнал Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

… And 30 thousand starts in life

Prominent scientist with the world name D.K. Zabolotniy wished to create medical establishments in Ukraine, in particular, in Vinnytsya region, and he applied all forces to do it. It resulted in the opening of obstetric classes in Vinnytsy in 1921. This year is considered to be the year of foundation of Vinnytsya medical school. Five years later the obstetric classes were changed into a three-year medical school which in 1933 became a medical college, and in 1936 it was changed into the medical and obstetric school. In 1954 the educational establishment received the status of a medical school where medical assistants and midwifes for villages and cities of the region were trained. In 1994 Vinnytsya medical school was licensed and received the second level of accreditation. Then it was renamed to Academician D.K. Zabolotniy Vinnytsya Medical College.

And presently it celebrates its 90-th anniversary. This period for educational establishment is time for prosperity, remarkable period of time during which several generations of teachers worked in the education field with self-denial. Vinnytsya Medical College gave a start in life to more than 30 thousand graduating students who by means of their fruitful labour and achievements spread and increase the glory of Alma Mater in the field of health protection.