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Viche 2011 21

21, 2011

People! Till the heart beats, bear it in your mind

Guarding the eternal flame Odesa gymnasium 7

Today slogans about the necessity of military and patriotic education of young people, especially schoolchildren, can be frequently heard. Even though all branches of power, political forces and average citizens understood it well, the situation does not get better from year to year. As a rule, those who are responsible for it complain about the lack of money. But, excuse me, what is needed in order to remember, to know and to be thankful to those who gave us the life and provided us with the peaceful sky?

In Odesa educational and training complex Gymnasium 7 specialist English language school of the I-st degree, which is headed by the deserved worker of education of Ukraine, member of the Coordination Council of the National network of schools of the future Svitlana MELNYK, military and patriotic education of young people is not formalized but organically intertwined into the educational and training process.