Viche 2011 21

21, 2011

Worthy labour is not only a worthy salary but also a comprehensive care of the management about the subordinates

My interlocutor is an eccentric and interesting man. Already for over 30 years he has been protecting and asserting the rights for the workers in the marine industry, and that is why he is respected by average people. Volodymyr ZAYKOV is a chairman of primary trade union organization of the SO Odesa Marine Industrial Port, president of the Association Veteran Movement of Odesa region. Without regard to the high level of engagement, he is always ready to communicate and provide dockers, veterans and retirees with efficient assistance.
It turned out that Volodymyr Nykyforovych is not only an interesting profound thinker who has a broad mind and resorts to unconventional decisions in work, but also a real patriot of native land and enterprise. These features seem to be main and unchanging in his life. Therefore there is no mere chance that our conversation started with the recent resonant events round Odesa marine industrial port and its management.