Журнал Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

Democracy has to be based on both theory and finance

For already almost a year Nadiya Volodymyrivna BILOKUR has been a head of Berezotitska Village Council of Lubny district of Poltava region. For the first time for long history of the village the local society has been headed bya beautiful, clever and authoritative woman. She was expected by the whole village. People say that there were quite a lot of problems which could be settled by a woman only. But she is convinced that, even occupying such a worthy position, she won’t manage to handle everything herself. Only with a good team it is worth getting down to business and settling common problems. On the first days of chairmanship she planted mallows, cleaned the wardrobes, swept thoroughly everywhere, washed everything – this is because she is a woman. She is a wife, mother of three children and already a young grandmother. And we can say that she has brought up not only her own children. She worked as a grade school teacher at the local school for 10 years, and for 15 years she headed a nursery school.

– Presently the Ukrainian village is in presentiment of the administrative and territorial reform…

– I think, maybe, during its implementation some money will be saved, something will be changed for better. But a villager will suffer - it will be above all things. Call in your minds when nursery schools started to be closed everywhere. Now in order to renew their work how many resources are needed?

There is a beautiful ancient Rome proverb: change but avoid changing yourself. It is difficult to find a clever balance but it has to be found. In the real life everything hardly happens according to the scheme, even if it is a very good one. Therefore to unite 5 or 6 villages into one seems to be not bad in theory. And what is in actual fact? Those little villages will disappear. Our traditions and culture will disappear without a trace together with them. Generally speaking, we are an agrarian country. Let the society take care of the territory, let local budgets receive revenues. If it is a village, there should be at least a small nursery school, a first-aid post, a school, and a village council. Then everything will be alive. Democracy has to have its foundations and bases. They have to be both theoretical and financial. It is a simple truth. I do believe that we will definitely achieve our objectives.