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Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

All roads lead to… Gorodok

Gorodok is located on the international highway. And everyone who travels from Ukraine to Europe or from Europe to Ukraine (through the Ukrainian-Polish transition Shegini–Medika) definitely drives through its city center. And on both sides of the highway a market and three schools, and also several shops are located. Because of a high workload of motor transport the city suffers a lot of inconveniences, destructions and losses. Today asphaltic coverage is in catastrophic state – there are potholes everywhere. The passengers of rout busses are frightened when they drive along the broken international highway. The stream of transport does not reduce, however, and nobody intends to do the so-called pothole repair. In fact, the by-pass highway is expected to be put in operation. It is foreseen by the program of preparation to Euro-2012.