Журнал Viche 2006 №13

№13, 2006

The laws of intellectual property of EU.Harmonization with the national legislation

The past
July 21, 1906
No Ukrainian woman writer (except Marko Vovchok) didn't succeed so greatly among men, especially from L'viv, like Olena Teliga.They enjoyed her beauty but didn't know that poetess was born in a noble family of Shovgens (her father was the professor in St. Petersbourgh), knew several languages (she considered Russian to be her mother tongue) and after marrying the adjutant of the commander-in-chief of Symon Petlyura's army of the UNR (the Ukrainian national republic) the Kuban cossack Myhaylo, she took his surname and started to write her poems.
In the Agreement on partnership and cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine, signed in Luxembourg on June 16,1994 there is a number of the special norms, dedicated to the questions of creation of an appropriate level of protection and realization of intellectual property rights. In particular in article 50 of the agreement it is specified that "Ukraine will continue to improve the protection of the right for intellectual property that up to the end of the fifth year after coming into force of the agreement to provide the level of protection similar to the existing in the Community, including the effective means of maintenance of observance of such rights".So, with the signing of the agreement with the EU Ukraine has incured obligations to result the national legislation of intellectual property according to the legislation of the European Union.Loan of positive experience of the EU in the sphere of a right protection of intellectual property will provide greater dynamics in general integration movement of our country to the European Union.