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Viche 2011 21

21, 2011

NSC Olympic adjusting mentality

People in yellow and orange dickeys who were on duty at the sectors also helped to orient in this huge building. Any question: How to pass to my sector? Where can I buy something to eat? Where is WC? Where is the smoking area? and other questions  were answered very quickly. And besides, they were in white gloves.

     Before sitting down at their seats, the spectators were smoking, buying food, drinking coffee, beer, or going to WC. And each of these points should be told about.

     Smoking is allowed only in the corridors of the stadium. Nobody forbids but there are no specially designed ashtrays there. People were throwing cigarette butts just under the feet or in plastic bins that could easily catch fire. More cultured people made improvised ashtrays with paper cups. You are not allowed to smoke near the entrance of the sector. But if you really want to smoke exactly there, you can .... Stewards hardly reacted for such freedom. It is a big minus for them: teach us, the hosts of Euro-2012, the European order is to be on stadiums. Forbidden means strictly prohibited!

Sergiy Dubrovin