Журнал Viche 2011 №21

№21, 2011

Christianity: ancient Tavrida history

From the promised land to Pont Evksinskiy

Tavrida is an amazingly beautiful land that like a magnet from ancient times has been attracting tribes and nations. Almost 1800 years before Christ tribes of Tauri lived on the peninsula. They brought foreigners in sacrifice to the gods. And they gave their name to the peninsula. They were replaced by Amazons, and after the militant women - cimbri. And after cimbries Tavro-Scythians came to settle there.
Almost 600 years before Christ Greeks appeared on the peninsula. Greek location in Tavrida was led due to invasion of their primordial territory - Peloponnese – by the wild tribes. So the Greeks went first to Asia Minor where they founded colonies and built the cities. Then, stepping back under the threat of being captured by Persia, freedom loving and independent Greeks scattered within the Mediterranean, in particular, also to Tavrida.

Anatoliy Trikmenidi